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Scotland is the perfect companion for anyone interested in the rich history and culture of Scotland. Born out of a merger between Scottish Life, The Highlander and Scotland 国产传媒, Scotland welcomes subscribers old and new to delve into every issue and discover the finest writing on Scottish history, ancestry, traditions and travel.

All this, illustrated by beautiful photographs, brings the people, customs, cities and countryside of Scotland to life. And not only will each issue transport you to Scotland, we鈥檒l also take you back in time, to explore famous battles, clan rivalries and secret histories that many Scottish people don鈥檛 even know about themselves.

Scotland Key Facts

Scotland is the world鈥檚 best-selling magazine about Scotland

Total of 30,000 paying print subscribers

67,000 website users each year

Largest web audience demographic is aged +65

5,000 email newsletter subscribers

28,000 social media followers

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